pehala nasha music notes


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Sep 21, 2009
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Msuic notes or keyboard notes for the song pehala nasha

song : pehala nasha
movie : jo jeeta wohi sikander

<piano pieces>
g2 g2 p p   pg2 r2 r2 p p    s s r2 g2 pd2 d2s d2p

d2 d2 s d2   m1p p p r2g2 r2   r2 r2 g2 m1 g2 r2  p r2 r2g2 r2 r2 g2r2s s

p g2 r2 s p  m1 g2 r2 s  r2 g2r2s s

chahe tum kuch na kaho meine sunliya
g2  r2  r2 s s n2  s  r2 d2  g2  m1  g2 r2s sr2s
            .       .

ke saathi pyar kaa mujhe chunliya
g2  g2 r2 s  p  p r2g2r2 r2 m1   r2  r2s s

chunliya  meine sunliya
s r2 g2 g2r2  r2  g2  s r2g2 g2r2

<piano pieces>
s ss  n2sp s n2    s ss  n2sp s n2

d2 d2d2  d2n2s g2 s   sr2r2r2  psr2g2r2sn2

s ss  n2sp s n2   s ss  n2sp s n2

d2 d2d2  d2n2s g2 s   sr2r2r2  s n2 s


pehalaa nashaa pehalaa khumaar
g2 g2 p   p pd2p  p s r2   p  p  g2

nayaa pyaar hain... nayaa intazaar
g2 g2   p   p pd2p pd2p m1 g2   r2 r2 r2g2r2

karaluun mein kya apna haal
s n2 d2    n2    s   m1m1g2  g2
  . .    .
ai dil-e-beqaraar. mere. dil-e-beqaraar
d2  n2   s g2 r2 r2 r2g2r2 sn2d2n2d2 n2   s m1 g2 g2
.  .                .... .

tu hii bataa
sr2 g2   s g2

<pehala nasha...>

charanam 1

udataa hii phiruun in havaaon mein kahiin
sn2 s p d2   n1 d2n1d2 d2  p m1g2r2 r2 d2    p p

ya mein jhuul jaauun in ghataaon mein kahiiin
sn2 s  p d2  n1 d2  d2   d2  p  m1g2r2 r2 d2    p p

ek karuthun aasamaan aur zamiin
pm1 p p d2    n1d2 p    p   m1 pn1p

kaho yaaro kya karuun kya nahiin
p m1  p  d2  n1  s s  m1 m1   g2 m1pm1

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