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Jun 8, 2015
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Dear All,
I thought you will be interested ...
I love music and do not know much about the theory behind any music.
After retirement I started learning Keyboard and started looking for Tamil film music sheets and came to know about abc notation.
There are various s/w available to make western music sheets using abc notation. I use ABC edit with abc2svg ( mainly and there are many other s/w for abc notation.

Wondered if there is anything similar available for Carnatic music and searched the net and found maintained by Mr Subramanian who has developed various s/w for Carnatic music.

I am learning Carnatic Muic Theory via these pages Carnatic Music Web pages and Software - Text and Audio-Visuals (
(Melam, Raagam, Thaalanm - RASIKA - Carnatic Music Software (

I asked Jean-François Moine (Jef) the author of , if it is possible to develop something to produce western style music sheet from Carnatic notation GAAYAKA File Format (

Jef has produced this music source edit with txtmus ( which can convert Gaayaka files to western notation and music sheets. It is in alpha testing stage. More work needs to be done to make it similar to

Gaayaka files can be played on computer running Windows using GAAYAKA - Carnatic Music notation player (

There is an online version of the above player Carnatic Notation Player (
When you open the above link, you will see the saralavarisai S-R-G-M-P-D-N-S↑ and you can play it by clicking on the Play button above.
More examples are available under Examples (on the top right).

To get western style music sheet and play copy the text between ==== on the left pane of this editor . To play right click on the music sheet and select play.
X: 1
T: Ayarpadi Maligaiyil
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K:F % 1 flats
FEF cBc| A2A BA2| A2B AG2|F2G FE2|
w: A yar pa di Maa li gai yil Tha ai Ma di yi l Ka ndri nai Pol
ECC E2E| F2G BA2-| A2G2F2|F6|
w: Maa ya Kan nan Thoo ngu gin dra a n,- Thaa le lo
FEF cBc| A2A BA2| A2B AG2|F2G FE2|
w: A yar pa di Maa li gai yil Tha ai Ma di yi l Ka ndri nai Pol
ECC E2E| F2G BA2-| A2G2F2|F4dd|
w: Maa ya Kan nan Thoo ngu gin dra a n,- Thaa le lo Ava n
B2B BB2| B2B BB2| A2B GA2|B2c cc2|
w: Vaai Ni rai ya Man nai Un du Man da la thai Kaat ti ya Pin
dcd cB2| BAB AG2| F3 GB2|A2G2E2|
w:Oi ve du th u Thoo ng u gi n dra an, Aa ra ar o
E2F GA2| B2G EG2| F3 F3|F6|
w:Oi ve du thu Thoo ngu gin draan, Aar aar o

To convert Gaayakka file to western notation copy the text between ==== to music source edit with txtmus ( . You will see the western notation on the top of right pane and the music sheet below.
%%cmni raga=1 debug=1
%%MIDI program 74
%%temperament 0 12 4 16 -14 -2 -10 2 14 6 18 -12
999999 0 0321032 020 04 04 04 "" [Thanam in Ghana Pachaka Raagams -Naata,Gowla,Aarabhi,Varaali,Sree
Play with Veena. If you are playing a part include the Melam symbol in curly brackets in the selection ]


{M 36}
paa,-,paa,-, pa (ga ma)-pa-, pa (ga ma) -(ga ma)-ga (ma ga)-pa-,
ga (ma ga)-pa-pa (Sa (ni< Sa))-Sa (ni< Sa)-pa-
ga (ma ga)-pa (ga ma)-ga (ma ga)-(sa)/ri<(ri>>)ri<(ri>>)ri<\\sa-;
sa (nI sa)-pA-(gA mA)-(mA gA) mA-pA (sa nI)-saa ((nI)sa)-
sa ri<.(ri>>)ri((ri>>))ri\\sa-;
ga (ma ga)- pa - ga (ma ga)-
(ma ga) ma- pa - \(ma ga)- pa (Sa ni Sa ni) -pa-
pa (Sa ni<)- Sa- ((ni< Sa) ni<) Sa -Ri(Ri<<)Ri(Ri<<)- Saa-;
Sa (ni Sa)- Sa - /(Ma Gaa,)-Ma -\(Ri<<)Ri((Ri<<)Ri(Ri<<))- Sa-
/Sa (ni Sa) -pa-(ma ga)ma- pa- pa ni-paa-;
(ri ri<<ri(ri<<)ri)- sa-sa (nI sa)-sa-/ ri(ri>>ri)-saa-;
ma ga- ma pa ni- SA ni(Sa ni)- pa ma-/ri((ri>>))ri((ri>>))ri\\sa-saa ;-;;;;

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