nilaak kaaygiradhu music notes


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Sep 21, 2009
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Music notes or keyboard notes for song nilaak kaaygiradhu

song: nilaa kaaygiradhu
film: indira

nilaak kaaygiradhu naeram thaeygiradhu yaarum rasikkavillaiyae
efaga  f   fedcc   ef aga f    fedcc   ef aga f f  fedc c  de

indhak kangal mattum unnaik kaanum
e f    ca a   f  f   c d    fefd

thenral poaginradhu soalai sirikkinradhu yaarum sugikkavillaiyae
ef  aga f  fe dcc   ef aga f f  fe dcc   ef aga f f  fedc c  de

indhak kaigal mattum unnaith theendum
e f    ca a   f  f   c d     d#fef d

kaatru veesum veyyil kaayum kaayum adhil maatram aedhum illaiyae
c   c  c  c   c  ed  cb b   b  b   bdc   ca  a   gaa    gff  ga

aaaaaa...vaanum mannum nammai vaazhach chollum andha vaazhththu oayavillai
eded dc  c  c   c  c   c  efg fd c     b   b   b dc  ca     a   gaa gf f

enrenrum vaa..nil
b c  d   cdcb ag


stanza :

adhoa poaginradhu aasai maegam mazhaiyaik kaettuk kollungal
ef a  ac g  g g   egg   gagfed e f   a    ac  g   g  g  g     cdede edegfe

idhoa kaetkinradhu kuyilin paadal isaiyaik kaettuk kollungal
ef a  ac  g  g g   e g g   gagfed ef  a    ac  c   ba b  ag   cdede edeagfe

indha bhoomiyae poo vanam ungal pookkalaith thaedungal
g a   bc  c c b ab  aga   g a   dc  c c  b  bab a  g

indha vaazhkaiyae seedhanam ungal thaevaiyaith thaedungal
g a   bc   c  c b ab ag a   g a   d   e  dedc  bab a  g


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