maargazhip poovae music notes


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Sep 21, 2009
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Music notes or keyboard notes for the song maargazhi poovae

song: maargazhi poove
film: may madham

maargazhip poovae   maargazhi poovae
s  g1 m1    m1d1 d1   g1  m1 d1   m1  d1m1g1

unmadi   maelae  oaridam    vaendum
g1 m1 d1  g1m1 g1s s g1 s n1. s   s

meththai mael kangal     moodavum illai
g1m1 m1    m1    m1  d1m1g1  g1m1 m1 m1   m1 d1m1g1
un madi   saernthaal kanavugal       kollai
m1  d1 n1  s+  s+g1+  s+n1d1 n1 n1   s+  n1d1m1g1s


stanza 1:

pookkalaip piriththu    puththagam padippaen 
g1m1 m1 m1    m1 m1   d1m1g1 g1m1  m1  m1   m1 m1  d1m1g1

pulvelikkul naan   muyal     poal kuthippaen
m1 d1 n1 s+ s+ g1+  s+ n1d1  n1   s+ s+ n1s+n1d1

naan mattum iravil      thanimaiyil nadappaen
g1m1  m1  m1   n1d1n1d1n1  m1  m1 m1  m1   n1d1n1d1 n1

nadaipaadhaik kadayil      thaeneer kudippaen
m1 m1  d1  n1  s+ s+ s+g1+  s+n1d1 n1 s+ s+ n1s+n1d1

vaazhkaiyin  oru  paadhi    naan  engu   rasiththaen
m1  d1 d1 d1  m1g1  m1d1 d1   n1 s+  n1 d1  n1 n1 s+n1d1

vaazhkaiyin maru paadhi naan  enrum  rasippaen
m  r2 r2  r2   m p  mr2 r2   n s   n r2    n n  snr2ns

kaatril varum maegam poalae naan engum  midhappaen
s  m    p m   p  s   n  r2   n s  n r2    n sn  r2m pm s


(venbaa paadi varum vandukku
g1  m1   m1  m1  m1 m1   m1  m1  m1d1

sendhaen thandhuvidum sirupookkal
m1g1 m1    m1   m1  m1 m1   m1 m1 m1d1 g1m1

konjam paada varum pennukku
g1 m1   m1  m1  m1 m1   m1  m1  m1d1

sandham thandhu vidum mainaakkal) (2)
m1g1 m1   m1   m1   m1 m1   m1  m1d1 g1m1

stanza 2: (notes similar to stanza 1)

kaavaerik karaiyil nadandhathumillai
kadarkarai manalil kaal vaiththadhillai
sudhandhira vaanil parandhadhumillai
chudach chuda mazhayil nanaindhathum illai
saalaiyil naanaagap poanadhumillai
samayaththil naanaaga aanadhumillai
aezhai manam kaanum inbam naan kaanavillai



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