Kaadhal rojavae from Roja piano or keyboard notations


Sep 18, 2009
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Song : Kaadhal Rojavae
Movie : Roja

kyboard, piano notes for the song kadal rojave from film roja. this is a user written note - may not have any relevance to any other written materials.

Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n3 S (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: Cm (not necessarily original but chose to align with the scale of the notes)


kaadhal rOjaavae engae nee engae
s  g    r sr n   s rg  rg  srrn
             .                .
Cm      G        Cm    G

kaNNeer vazhiyudhadii kaNNil
s  g3   s g3 m n2 p m g rr
C       F             G

kaNNukkuL needhaan kaNNeerill  needhaan
g3 g3 m   g  r     g3 g3 mn2pm g  r
C     F   Cm G     C     F     Cm G

kaNmoodip paarththaal nenjukkuL   needhaan
g3 g3 m   g     r     g3 g3 mn2pm g  r
C     F   Cm    G     C     F     Cm G

ennaanadhoa aedhaanadhoa sol sol
s r  g srs  m p   d mpm  R G SR
Cm          Fm           G


Charanam 1

thenral ennaith theendinaal saelai theeNdum njaabagam
g3  g3  g3g3    g3r  m g3   g3 g3  m    p   r   s r
C                                           G

chinnap pookkaL paarkkaiyil dhaegam paarththa njaabagam
g3  g3  g3  g3  g3 r m  g3  g3  g3  m     p   r   s r
C                                             G

veLLi Odai paesinaal sonna vaarththai njaabagam
g3 m  pS   Sp p p    p  d2 n2    d2   pd2 pmm
C                    C7               F

dhaegam rendum saergaiyil mOgam konda njaabagam
g3  m   p  S   S p p  p   p d2  n2 d  pSd2pmm
C                         C7          F

vaayillaamal pOnaal vaarththai illai kaNNae(ae)
g3 g3 m  p   g r    g3    g3   m p   g  r   g3
C            CmG    C                Cm G

neeyillaamal pOnaal vaazhkkai illai kaNNae
g3 g3 m  p   g r    g3    g3  mn2p  g  r
C            CmG    C               Cm G

muLLOdudhaan muththangaLaa sol sol
s  r g srs   m   p   d mpm R G SR
Cm           Fm            G

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