Aalila thaaliyumaay varu nee notes


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Sep 21, 2009
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Raga use sudhasaveri
Notes: s r2 m1 p d2

music notes or piano notes for song Aalila thaaliyumaay varu nee

Aalila thaaliyumaay varu nee  
f g a gf d d df g f dc  
Thinkale ithile ithile  
f d ca. c d df f g fg..faggfg  
Aavani poykayil naanamolum  
f g a gf d d df g f dc  
Aambalo vadhuvaay arike  
f d ca. c d df g f dc  
Maanathaay mukil akale marayumoru  (2)
f g a g f f g g f g g f g  
Yaamathil anuraagamaliyumoru  
f g a a a ac c a c c a c  
Maangallyam raavil  
cd df fg acd ac  

Mele maalikayil ninnum  
a c a g f d gf f  
Radhameri vanna mani maaran  
f f g a g f d c fd d  
Manavaattiyaaya vara manjulaangiyude Swanthamaaya nimisham  
d d c c f f f f d d g g g g f f a a a c ga  
Varavelkku maine nira mangalamarulu kokilame  
a c df df cd d d f cd d f c d df cd d c ag  
(vara)  Surabhilamaayoru maniyara menayu Madhuvana maanasame  
a c d e2 dc a g g a c d c a gf f g a c fg g a fg  

Chandana kuriyaninjum
naru kumkumathilakamode
Kanakaanguleeyamaniyunna Dheva savithevi lola neeye
Ithalaniyunnallo kumudhiniyude Kanaka nilaavoliyil
Puthiyoru jeevitha vanikayilunaru Kurumozhi mullakale

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