1. R

    Malare Song from Premam Western Staff Notations Required.

    I searched through this forum, probably people are posting notes in Carnatic or Western CDEF notations. But I would need both Clefs notations written over staffs. That would be great help for me. If anyone knows how to write on paper, please write and click picture, post it over the net. I...

    Aakaasa Desana Telugu Song From Meghasandesam, Music Notes

    Music or Keyboard notes for the Evergreen Super Hit Award Winning Telugu Song, Aakaasa Desana From Meghasandesam Beautifully Sung By K.J. Yesudas _/\_ Song: Aakaasa Desana Film: Meghasandesam Music: Ramesh Naidu Lyrics: Veturi Sundararama Murthy Director: Dasari Narayana Rao Singer(s): K.J...
  3. Soumen

    Western piano music notation for song Janeman janeman

    Janeman janeman tere do nayan DDD BBB GG EDCB chori chori leke gaye dekho mera maan ACCC DBBB F#F# EDCB Janeman janeman janeman ADD GDD BDD Mere do nayan chor nahi sajan DD B BB GG EDCB tumse hi khoya hoga kahi tumhara maan ACCC DBBB GG EDCB janeman janeman janeman ADD GDD BDD Tod de dilo...
  4. Jimsweb

    Music or piano notes for song Aayiram Kannumai

    Music notes for song Aayiram Kannumai from movie Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu Lyrics: Bichu Thirumala Cast: Nadiya Moithu, Padmini, Mohanlal, Fazil, Thilakan, K.P.Ummer Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: Fazil Cinematography: Ashok Kumar Singer: K.J.Yesudas notation legends used; G2...
  5. Chandran

    Easwarane Thedi Njan Nadannu (From Album Soshanna Pookkal)

    Dear Friends Please try and revert back. Music notes for Easwrane Thedi Njan Nadannu from the Album Soshanna Pookkal Album : Soshanna Pookkal Year : 2009 Lyrics : Fr. Abel Music : K.K.Antony Singers : Yesudas Scale : D# Minor Easwarane Thedi Njan Nadannu D#D#-A#C#C# D#D#E C#C#...
  6. Jimsweb

    notations for Raagangale Mohangale

    Music notes or keyboard notes for song Raagangale Mohangale Film – Tharattu, Singers – Yesudas, S.Janaki Year – 1981 Lyrics – B Sivakumar, Music – Raveendran Raagangale Mohangale p s+ n p r g r s s+ (r+ s+) n (s+n)p.. Raagangale Mohangale (2) p s+ n p r g r s Poochoodum...
  7. Chandran

    Manju Bhashini (Kodungalloor Amma)

    Dear Friends Please try and revert back Music notes for the song Manju Bhashini from the movie (film) Kodungalloor Amma Movie : Kodungalloor Amma Year : 1968 Lyrics : Vayalar Music : K.Raghavan Singer : K.J.Yesudas Scale : Eb Maj Manju Bhashini D#D#E G#G#FG# Manju Bhashini...
  8. Chandran

    Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam piano music notes

    Music notations for song - Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam.. Movie : Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam Year : 1987 Musician : Ousepachan Singer : K.J. Yesudas Scale : G#m Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam.. D#ED#C# B-B- A#-A#- B-C#C# Ee Pullankuzhalin Katha Parayam B-C# D#ED#C#B-B-...
  9. 12f

    Aareyum Bhaava Gaayakanaakkum song notes

    Areyum bhava gayakanakkum Lyrics & Chords - carnatic notations Movie : Nakhakshathangal Lyrics: ONV Kurup Music: Bombay Ravi Sung by: Yesudas Cover version : N.Gopinath ആരെയും ഭാവഗായകനാക്കും ആത്മ സൗന്ദര്യമാണു നീ നമ്ര ശീര്*ഷരായ് നില്*പ്പൂ നിന്* മുന്നില്* കമ്ര നക്ഷത്ര കന്യകള്* ആരെയും...
  10. Jimsweb

    Sabarimalayil Thanka Sooryodayam (Only Pallavi)

    Music notations for devotional song Sabarimalayil Thanka Sooryodayam. This famous song is from movie Swami Ayyappan. This song is very renowned and is sung even today with much devotion. Song - Sabarimalayil Thanka Sooryodayam Film - Swami Ayyappan Lyrics - Vayalar Rama Varma Music - G...

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