Varanam Ayiram - anal mele


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Sep 21, 2009
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Song: anal mele
Film: Varanam Ayiram
Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S

anal mele panithuli alaipAyum oru kili
pd d S n S R S nn d2Sn dn d p

maram thedum mazhaithuli ivai thAne ival ini
p d dS S n S R S nn d2Sn dn dp

imai irandum thani thani
pG GG G R G S n dnp

urakangal uraipani
pG G G RG S n dnp

edharkAga thadai ini (2x)
nd2 nGSn d d ndpmgp

Stanza 1:

endha kAtrin alAvalil malaridhalgal virinthidumo
P P P PM MGPM GS n S G R S n S n p S

endha theva vinAdiyil mazhalaigal piranthidumo
P P P PM MGPM GS n SG R S n S n p S

oru siru vali irunthatheve idhayathile idhayathile
SG M G M G MP M G M RR G R S nS n p S

unadhiruvizhi thadaviyadhAl amilnthuvitten mayakkathile
SG M G M G M P M G M RR G R S n S n p S

uthiraddume udalin thirai
nS R M G nS G P M

adhuthAn ini nilAvin karai karai
PP P PM R G R S n3 d p S

anal mele panithuli....

Stanza 2: (notes similar to Stanza 1)

santhithome kanAkkalil silamuraiya palamuraiya
andhivAnil ulAvinom adhu unakku ninaivillaiya
iru karaigalai udaithidave perugiduma kadal alaiye
iru iru uyir thatthalikkayil vazhisolluma kalangalaye
unadhalaigal ennai adikka
karai servadhum kanAvil nigalndhida

anal mele panithuli....

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