Vaishakha sandhye nin chundilenthe music notations


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Sep 21, 2009
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Music notes or keyboard/piano notes for famous song Vaishakha sandhye nin chundilenthe

Music Director: Shyam
Director: Sathyan Anthikad
Movie: Nadodikattu
Lyrics: Yusuf Ali Kechery
Year: 1987

a1 a2 e e d c d e d e d c a1 a2 e e d c d e d e d c
Vaishakha sandhye nin chundilenthe

c d e c d e c d g f1 e e
Aruma saki than adara kaanthiyo

e f1 g b3 c b3 a2 g f1
Mohame parayu ne

a2 b3 g g a2 f1 f1 g e e f1 d e a1 f2 a1 a2
Vinnil ninnum paari vanna laavanyame - vaishakha 

a1a2 a1 b3 a2 a1 a2 a1 b3a2
Oru yugam njan thapassirunnu

a2 d b3 g f2 g
Onnu kaanuvan

f2 g f2 a2 g f2 g f2 a2 g
Kazhinja kaalam kozhinja sumam

g b3 a2 f1 e e
Poothu vidarnnu (2)

c c c d c d c b3 b3 b3 g b3 c d c b3 c d
Mookama menmanasil Gaanamay nee unarnnu (2)

a2 b3 g g a2 f1 f1 g e e f1 d e a1 f2 a1 a2
Hridaya mrudula thanthri yenthi Devamrutham - vaishakha
Malarithalil mani shalabham veenu mayanghi
Rathi nadiyil jala tharangham neele muzhangi (2)
Neerumen praanalil nee aasha than thenozhukki (2)
Pulaka mukula menthi raaga vrundavanam - vaishakha

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