Sagara Sangamam - Om Namashivaya song notes


Mar 12, 2010
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Song: oam namachchivaayaa
Film: Sagara Sangamam
Notes: s g2 m1 d1 n2 S

Om om om
om nama: shivaaya
nS  dSn   d  mg gmdm gs
chandrakkalaadharaa shathruharaa
g   s n.s  g sn. sm  g  m dmg
saandrakalaa poornnodaya
g g m nd   Sn  dnSGM M   GS
laya nilayaa !
nS nd d  SnS

Panchabhoothangal nin mukha panchakame
m  d  d  Sn  nddm  g m d n Sndn S
Aaru rithukkal nin udayaadakale
m d  d  Sn nddm  gmd  n Sndn S
prakruthi paarvathi ninnodu chernnu
S G  G Sn  n   n n   dSn S   ndd  SnS
ezhadi vechathu swaramaalikayaay
s mg dm  nd Sn  GS MGM M G  Sn  d m   gs

Nin drushtikal ashta dikkukal
s  m   m   g  m dmgs s m m  m  g m gm
nin vaakkukal navarasangalum
s  m  g m gs s m m m  g m
thaapasa mandaara nin mouname
g m d  n  G Sn S  S   n S  n  G   Sn
dashopanishathukal ee mahiyil
S G   S    M  G S n   nS  n d  nS

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