panivizhum iravu notations


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Sep 21, 2009
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Music notes or keyboard notes for the song panivizhum ira-vu

language : tamil
song : panivizhum iravu
movie : mouna raagam

panivizhum ira-vu nanaindhadhu nilavu
g1g1g1g1   m1m1  p  g1g1  g1 g1  m1 m1 p

ilanguyil irandu isaikkinra pozhudhu
g1g1g1g1  m1m1  p  g1g1 g1 g1 m1 m1  pn1p

pooppookkum raaappoa-dhu poongaatrum thoongaadhu
p   m1   d1  p    m1   d1  p   m1   d1  p    m1  d1

vaa vaaaa  vaa...
pn1 n1m1m1pm1 m1r2

<panivizhum iravu ... >

charanam 1
poovilae oru paay poattu paniththuli thoonga
n1d1d1p  pd1 n1   s   n1 n1n1  d1 p  d1   p 

poovizhi imai moodaamal paingili aenga
pn1d1p   pd1  n1 s  n1  pn1 d1p  d1 p

maalai vilakkaetrum naeram manasil orukoadi baaram
s  n1  s s  s   s   n1sn1  s s n1  ss s  n1 d1n1d1

thaniththu vaazhndhenna laabam thaevaiyillaadha saabham
s  s   n1  s     s   s  n1sn1  s   n1 s  s  n1  d1n1d1

thanimaiyae poa    inimaiyaeee vaa
p  d1p  g1  r2g1r2sr2 pd1p  g1g1m1 r2sr2

neerum vaerum saera vendum
s  n1  d1 p   m1  p  d1d1p

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