Oh Priya Na Priya Brilliant Romantic Telugu Song From Mehbooba, Music / Keyboard Notes

Apr 23, 2015
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Music / Keyboard Notes For, Oh Priya Na Priya, Excellent Telugu Song From Mehbooba, Sandeep Chowta's Mesmerising Music!

Song: Oh Priyaa Na priyaa
Film: Mehbooba
Music: Sandeep Chowta
Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla
Director: Puri Jagannadh
Singer(s): Pragya Das Gupta, Sandeep Batraa
Actors: Akash Puri, Neha Shetty
Language: Telugu
Year: 2018

Notes go from lower octave to higher as follows : .c, .d, .e.... c, d, e... C, D, E...

[ O    Priya     Na   Priya,  O      Priya       Na      Priya
  a    D C#_C    a    C b_a   a_b    D C# C b    a_b     C b_a

Mehboobaaa,       Mehboobaaa..aa       ] 2
a a E   D E_      a a E D E_D  EFG_ GF

a g a E D E_ D C_ D E

Premalo        Paddaamaney         Lopalaa,
a_ E D E       E  F E  D C#_b      a E E E

Kallakey        Kanneeru        Tho      Kaapalaa,
a_  E D E       F_  F_  E       D C#     bbC#  b C#

Nuvvu    Dhaggaruntey,    Ye       Yuddhamaina
c# d     d_ e  e  e       f e      d e e  e  e

Nishabdham        Innaallu         Gaa
f e  d e e        ef_ e  d         c# .b

Nuvvu    Dhooramaithey     Nishabdhamaina
c# d     d e e  e  e       f e d e e e  e

Prathi   Roju    Yuddham   Kadhaa..aa          ..Mehbooba
f e      d e e   ef_ e     d  c#_ .bc#.b

Leyvvuley      Ye      Gaaliki       Aankshaley
a_ E D E       E F     E_ D C# b     a  E  E  E       

Ningiki       Leney       Levvu       Yellaley
aa_E D E      F_ E        D C# b      b_ C# b C#

Mana      Matti     Meedha     Paghapatti    Evaru
c# d      d e       e  e       f e  d  e     e e e

Geesaaru       Sarihadhulu
f e  d e e     e f e d c#_.bc#.b

Premantey      Yento     Thellisuntey     Vaallu
c# d  d e e    e  e      f  e   d e e     e  e

Ee     Geetha     Geesundaru..uu                      ..Mehbooba
f e    d e e      ef e  d  c#_ .bc#.b
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