nee than thunaiye notations


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Sep 21, 2009
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Music notes or keyboard notes for the song nee than thunaiye

song: sahiye nee
film: andhimandharai

c d2 e3 f1 g a2 b3 c
sahiye nee than thunaiye 
e g f  ede cb.  d  d  e

vizhimel amarntha imaiye 
e gf fe  dede cb. dd  e

athavan ponal agal than oliye 
f2ggg   g g   de   faga eg fed

inam theriyamal inainthom kiliye 
ggc  b  a g g   de   faga e g fed

stanza 1:
boomikku nee..ridam bethangal illai 
g  g  g  dedc c c   c a   a   a fed

poovukkum kat..rukkum vathangal illai 
g  g  g   dedc c  c   c a   a   a fed

nangu kangal kalantha pinnale 
g  g  g  g   a b2 a   g  g babc

nalvahai vedhangal thaduppathum il..lai
c  c c   bcab  ag  a1 a1 a1g    fed d

stanza 2:

boomiyai ketta vanmuhil thoovum
bc c c   c  c  bd c b   ab  ag

pookkalai ketta vandukal padum
g   g g   ab ag ga f e   g g (babc)

veedhiyai ketta  thendralum veesum
c  a  a   a  fed d    g g   g  edc

sathiyai ketta  kadhalum thondrum
a.f  f   f  fga gaf  f   e    dc

stanza 3:

kadhalin rajjiyathil visithira vazhakkam
g g  g   de2d c c    a.c d  e2 d c   c

kangalai vangikkondu idhayathai kodukkum
g  g g   de2d  c  c  a.c d e2   d c  c

oru vizhipparvai uyiraiyum edukkum 
b2b2a g   e  e   e2e2e2e2  ee  e

oru vizhipparvai uyiraiyum kodukkum 
ab2 g b2  ag e   e2e2e2e2  e e  e

iruviral theendinal sathihal thadukkum 
cc a a   a    a fed d g  g   g  g  edc

idhayangal theendinal ethu nammai pirikkum
a.a.f  f   f    f fga ga   f  g   e e  dc

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