Music notes for song veerapandi koattaiyile


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Sep 21, 2009
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Music notes or keyboard notes for song veerapandi koattaiyile

song: veerapandi
film: thiruda thiruda

veerapandi koattaiyile
c  c d  a#  c   c  c d

minnaladikkum vaelaiyile
c  c c d  a#   c  c  c d

oorum aarum thoongum poadhu
cdd#   dd#f   d#d   c   dc a#

poovum nilavum saayum poadhu
cd d#   d d# f   d#d c   dc a#

golusu chattham manasa thirudiyadhe
c d d#  dd#  f    d# d c  d  c a# a# c

veerapandi kotaiyile
maiiruttu velaiyile
golusu chattham manasa thirudiyadhe

veerapandi kotaiyile
minnaladikkum velaiyile
valavichattam idhayam thirudiyadhe

veerapandi kotaiyile
velli mullaikkum velaiyile
paruvap ponnai thirudi thazhuva
thittam itta kalvarkalle
minji golusu nenjai thirudiyadhe

vairangal thaaraen
g  g  g   g   g

valamaana tholukku
f a# g  f  f  e d

thanga cheruppu thaaraen
c   c  c  c  c  c   c

thalir vaazha kaalukku
a#  d   c  a#   a#  a  g

pavalangal thaaren
g g g  g   g   g

paal polum pallukku
fa#   g f   f  e d

mutthucharangal thaaren
c  c  c  c  c   c   c

munn koabachollukku
a#d   c  a# a#   a  g

un aasai ellaam
a#  a a#   a g

verum kaanal neeru
a# a#   c  a#   a  g

nee yaelam poada
a#   a  a#   a  g

veraalla paaru
a# c   d  e c

nee sollum sollukulle
f   e c   d  f e c

emm  pozhappu vazhum pulla
def ee  c  d f    e c

nee poatta vetthalaikku
df  e  c  d  f  e  c

enn  naakku oorum pulla
def e  c  d c   a#  c

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