loosu peNNE - vallavan


Aug 9, 2009
Reaction score
Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S

loosu peNNE loosu peNNE loosu peNNE loosu paiyan unmEla thAn loosA suTHurAn
s g r g r s s s s r n. srsn.p. s g r g r s s s n. n.p.n.s n.s

kAdhal vArAdhA kAdhal vArAdhA enmEl enmEl unakku kAdhal vArAdhA
p S n d p dpm m p pnd p p pS n d pp p r rm g r s

kAlai mudhal mAlai varai dhinamum nAnum unnai thAnE nenaCHu vAzhurEn
p S n S RSnp p S p S p p n G R S n p m2 m2m2m2g n d2 p

kaNgaL moodi iravu thoongum pOdhu en bedroom fan'um keezhE vandhu enna ezhuppudhE
p S n S RSnn p p S p S RSnp p n G R S n p m2 m2m2g gn d2 p

unna nenaikka solludhE
p p m2m2 m2g gn d2 p

[some day i shall message .......on air{echo}
mps Snd pdmpd mps pmgr grn.
mps Snd pdmpd p.srgrsn.d2.d.n.d.p.

thanimaiyai thEduthE idhayamum OdudhE ennainAnE ennainAnE thEdi thEdi pArkkirEn
p. d.n. s n.sn.d.p. p.d.n.s n.sn.d.p. s g r s s g r s s g3 g3 g3 m p gr

thEdi thEdi pArkkirEn pArkkirEn pArkkirEn
s g3 g3 g3 mn p gr mn p gr mn p gr

unakkE ennai kodukka ninaiTHu manasai nAn anuppinEn romba AsaiyAi (2)
sp p p p m d2 d2 np p s p p mg gm g r rg m pm grs

vAli pOla pAttezhudha ennakku theriyalaiyE
p S S S n m m p p p p m m m n p

unnai paTHi pAdAma thAn irukka mudiyalaiyE
p S S R SRm m p pp p m m m n p

enna nAnE thitti thitti pArTHEn
spmp m m g r s n. sr srsn.

manasu thirundha villa
n.n.sr g g rs s s

en manasu unna vittu mAravilla
s s srsrsn. n.n. s r g rss s

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