Lingashtakam Or Brahmamurari Surachita Lingam, Sanksrit Devotional Song, Music Notes

Apr 23, 2015
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Music Or Keyboard Notes for Sanskrit Devotional Song, Lingashtakam Or Brahma Murari Surachita Lingam

Song: Brahma Murari also called Lingashtakam
Lyrics: Adi Sankaracharya
Singer(s): S.P.Balasubramaniam
Language: Sankrit

[ Brahma    Muraari    Surarchita   Lingam
  c   d     d d#_ d#   d d#_ d d    d#_ d

Nirmala    Bhaashita    Sobhitha      Lingam
d _ d c    d _ c .a     c _ d d#      d_ d

Janmaja      Dhukha    Vinaasaha    Lingam
c_ d d#      g_ g      g g_ a g     d#_ d

Tat    Pranamaami    Sadaa  Shiva    Lingam
c_     d d# d _ c    .a d_  c c      c_ c

Devamuni    Pravaraarchita    Lingam
g_ g g a    a  C_  a  a      g g

Kaama    Dahana    Karunaakara   Lingam
g_ g     g a a     a C_ a a      g g

Ravana     Darpa    Vinaasaka   Lingam
d#_g d#    g a      g d# g d#   g g

Tat   Pranamaami    Sadaa    Shiva    Lingam     ] 
c     d  d# d c     a d_      c c     c _ c
(Same Notes For Rest Of The Verses )
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Oct 21, 2015
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Ghaziabad UP
Dear member
I just gone thru the notes of Lingashtakam it's really nice and
Appreciable , please post the notes of
Rudrashtakam also if you have and also of other devotional songs.
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