Jane Kya Doondtha Hai Ye Mera Dil (Sur)


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Jan 21, 2013
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Music notes for the song Jaane Kya Dhoondta Hai from the movie (film) Sur

Movie : Sur
Year : 2002
Lyrics : Nida Fazli
Music : M.M.Keeravaani
Singers : Lucky Ali
Scale : F Maj

Jaane Kya  Dhoondta Hai, Ye Mera  Dil
FFG   A#A# AAGG     F    G  D#D#F G
Tujhko Kya  Chahiye Zindagi

Raaste Hi   Raaste Hain, Kaisa Hai Yeh Safar
D+C+C+ C+A# D+C+C+ C+A   D+E+  F+  D+  C+C+A#A
Dhoondhti Hain Jisko  Nazrein, Jaane Hai Wo Kidhar
D+C+C+C+  C+A# D+C+C+ C+C+A    D+E   F+  D+ C+A#A#AG 

Bechehra Sa Koi  Sapna  Hai Wo
D+C+A    A  D+D+ D+D+E+ F+  D+D+C+
Kahin Nahin Hai Phir Bhi Apna   Hai Wo
D+D+  D+C+  A#  D+   D+  C+C+D+ E+  C+C+
Aise Mere Andar Shaamil Hai Wo
D+C+ C+A  D+D+  D+D+E+  F+  D+D+C+
Main Hoon Behta Dariya, Saahil Hai Wo
D+D+ D+C+ A#    D+D+D+  C+C+D+ E+  C+C+
Hai Kahan  Wo, Wo Kidhar Hai, Raaste Kuch To Bata
C+  A#AAG# A   C+ A#AG   A    AE+E+  D+F+ F+ D+C+    
Kaun Sa Uska Nagar Hai, Rehguzar Kuch To Bata
C+   A# AG#A C+A#G A    AE+E+    D+F+ F+ D+C+    
Dhoondhti Hain Jisko  Nazrein, Jaane Hai Wo Kidhar
D+C+C+C+  C+A# D+C+C+ C+C+A    D+E   F+  D+ C+A#A#AG 

Soona Sa Hai Mandir, Moorat Nahin
Khaali Hai Aaina, Soorat Nahin
Jeene Ka Jeevan Mein, Kaaran To Ho
Maheke Kaise Kaliyaan, Gulshan To Ho
Shamma Hai Jo Mujh Mein Roshan, Wo Viraasat Kisko Doon
Door Tak Koi Nahin Hai, Apni Chaahat Kisko Doon
Alakkal Chandran Nair
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