endhan nenjil paahimaam notes


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Sep 21, 2009
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song: endhan nenjil
film: alli arjuna

c d2 e3 f1 g a2 b3 c

endhan nenjil paahimaam 
c d    e2 d   cd c b.

un ennam paahimaam 
cd e2d   cd c b.

neeyum naanum ondraanoam vaerillaiye
c  cg  g  g   gagf  e    de dc c  ed

ohhh unnai moodi maraithaai 
e    e fe  gf fe d e  fg

poovin pinnaal olinthaai 
e  fe  gf fe   de  fg

kaathal unnai udaiththa poathu vaayvediththaay unmai nee uraithaai 

(endhan nenjil)

stanza 1:

maedai poattu solvathalla pennin kaathal enbathu 
b. c   c   ce b. c c  ce  b. c   e  dc   b.a.a.

jaadai sollum vizhiyin asaivil sarvamozhiyum ullathu 
b. c   c  ce  b.b. c   cc  ce  b. c c e  dc  a.g.g.

ohh iru vizhi asaivile ithayam thalanthu poanathu 
c   b.  c ce  b.  c c  b.b.c   c  e  dc  b. a.a.

innoru paarvaiyil ithayam enna aavathu 
b.c ce b.  c  c   b.  c   e dc a.g.g.

ada nenjil ezhuntha kaathal ennam enni solla mudiyumaa 
e   e2 e   e2e2 e   e2 e    e2e   a.c  f  f  f f g gagf

tharaiyil vizhuntha nizhakal enna satham poattu katharumaa 
e2 e2 e   e2e2  e   e2e2 e   e2e  a.c    f  f   f f  g fgf

ohh nila padagil neeyum naanum ulaa poavoam paadi vaa 
g   g g  b b agf f  f   ga a   ee   fg g    fg f  edc
(endhan nenjil)

stanza 2:

ohhh oh irandu siragu iruntha poathum parakkum vaanam ondru thaan irandu ithayam moathum poathum `irukkum kaathal ondru thaan
ovvoru mozhiyilum vaeru vaeru vaarthaithaan vaarthaikal maaralaam pookkal endrum pookkal thaan
ohh kaalam maarum nirangal maarum kaathal endrum kaathal thaan kankal izhanthaal kaathal `theriyum `kandu kondathum indruthaan
mutham poattaal motham azhiyum vetkam ennum koaduthaan
unthan moochil en swaasam kalanthu ulavum naeram thaan

(endhan nenjil)

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