baba kichukichu thaa notes from baba


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Sep 21, 2009
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Music notes or keyboard notes for song baba kichukichu thaa

song: baba
film: baba

baba kichukichu thaa adhu nooru kichu aaguthaannu paarppoamaa
fedc c d  f e   dc   cd   f  f  f g   e d d    c  c    cb.a.g.

baba  en pakkam vaa un uchanthalaiyil macham kandu pidippoamaa
fgedc cd f  e   dc  cd ff   f  f  g   a g    ed c  c c  cb.a.g.

thaadiyai cut pannee saanthamaai maaridu nee
b.c b.d   b.c b. d   c   c  c    c  c c  c

konjam nee maarinaa engaeyo poi viduvaai
b.cb.  d   b.cb.d   b.c  dg gf  d c b.a.

konjaadhey konjaadhey kichukichu kaetkaadhey
d  d  cb.  c  c  df   d d  d cb. c   c  df

nee maarachonnaa maara maattaan baba baba
c   d  d d   cb. c  c  c   b.g. f.g. d c

naanaaga naanirundhaa naattukkae  nallathadi
b  b  ag a  a a  gf   b   b  cbag a  a a  gf

vivakaaram illaiyadi aaha aaha
b b b  ag  a a  a gf f g  d c


stanza 1:

baba endru konjumpoadhu baba nee maattaen endru sollaathey
c dc c  dc b. c  c  c   b.c  c   c   f    e  d  c  dg fedc

puyal varumpoadhu poo chendu kooda paavam
c d   e g  g  g   eg  ed  dc c  c  c  g.a.

puriyaadha pudhir nee baba
c d e  g   g g    ede c de fed

pudhithalla  pudhithalla naan pudhaiyaadha pudhaiyaladi
d d  d   cb. c c  c   df f    d d   d  cb. c c   c dff

thamizhnaadu  thamizhnaadu en uyir naadi
d d    d  cb. c  c   c  df f  f.g. b. c

anbaaga nee vandhaal baba oru pillaiyadi
b b  ag a   a  bagf  b b  bag a  a  bagf

vambendru vandhu vittaal ....
b  b  ag  a  a   ba gf   f g d c


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