Aa raagam madhumayamaam raagam notations


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Sep 21, 2009
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swaras: s r2 g3 p n3

music notations or keyboard note for song Aa raagam madhumayamaam raagam

Aa    raagam      madhumayamaam raagam  
c/e   dcb c         c d e g bcde dcb e  

Aa naadham  anupama layakara naadham  
c/e dcb c      c d e g b c d e dcb e   

Laalanamay  niraamayamaam  paraaganamaay  (2x)
b c b bg          b b c b bg            b bc b g ge   
b c b bg  b b c b bg  e eg e d d   
Udhayaraga varapadhangam unarukayaay  
c d e g e d e g b g g b c e ed  
En arike hridayamandra padhatharangal unarukayay  
gc b g e c d e g e d e g b g g b c e ed  
Vidhoorathayil (Aa...)  
c b g e d   

Ponchilambilikal aarna manmadha vinodha thaalam  
g b g g g g g b g g g g g g ed de  
Mandha maarudhakarangal cherna madhi mohagathiyay  (2x)
g b g g g g g b g g g g e g c c b   
Hamsan.gal thaana varnangal aa.di aanamthanamthanamtham (namthanamtham)  
Thaalabeal e..thu gobveeba gaaai aabafthabafthabafthaf (bafthabafthaf)  
b c b bg g gb gb g ed e cd eg b c b g g   (2x)
gabjebadiyabeal theauf Aababaakabaf Aatfaavil fdiahu cabeeethafay  
b c b bc c b c ce d c b g gc b g g e eb g e dc

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