m.g. srikumar

  1. Chandran

    Ponveene Ennullil (Thalavattom) piano notations

    Dear Friends Please try and revert back music notations for the song Ponveene Ennullil (Thalavattom) Movie : Thalavattom Year : 1986 Lyrics : Poovachal Khader Music : Raghu Kumar Singer : M.G.Sreekumar Scale : Em Ponveene Ennullil Maunam Vaangoo BBE AAD DEDE EE...
  2. Chandran

    Kilukil Pambaram (Kilukkam)

    Please try and revert back. music notations fro malayalam song - kilukil pamabram Movie : Kilukkam Year : 1991 Lyrics : Bichu Thirumala Music : S.P.Venkitesh Singer : M.G.Sreekumar Raga : Neelambari -A#D#D# D#D#F GG#GF D#F GGG#G FGFD#D# D#D#A# A#A#C+ A#A#G#GFF FGG#G...
  3. kingstar

    kilukil pambaram (Kilukkam) - music notes needed

    Pls post notes for the song "Kilukil pambaram from movie Kilukkam". Thanks....
  4. S

    Ponveene (western notes) - music notations needed

    Hi Dear.., Could you add the notes of "Ponveene"wth chords (Western) from thalavattom Thanks in advance to entire team ofMyoozic
  5. Chandran

    Surya Kireedam Veenudanju

    Dear Friends Music notes for Surya Kireedam from the Movie (Film) Devasuram Movie : Devasuram Year : 1993 Lyrics : Girish Puthancheri Music : M.G.Radhakrishnan Singer : K.J.Yesudas Raga : Chenchurutti Scale : F Major Soorya Kireedam Veenudanju AA# AFFD DDFFGFDC...
  6. Jimsweb

    thaliraninjoru - minnaram - carnatic music notes

    carnatic music notations for song 'thaliraninjoru' from movie 'minnaram'. Lyrics for the same song also is given below. song: thaliraninjoru movie: minnaram year: 1994 music : s.p. venkitesh sung by: M.G. srikumar and K.S. Chitra scale: =============================== *...
  7. 12f

    Ponveene ennullil maunam vaangoo song notes

    keyboard or piano music notations for song - Ponveene ennullil Use swaras s r2 g3 m p d2 n3 Pallavi Ponveene ennullil maunam vaangoo d d r p p s s r s r r r Janmangal pulkumnin naadam nalkoo d d r p p s s r s r r r Doothum peri neengum...

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