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Sep 21, 2009
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carnatic music notations for song 'thaliraninjoru' from movie 'minnaram'. Lyrics for the same song also is given below.

song: thaliraninjoru
movie: minnaram

year: 1994
music : s.p. venkitesh
sung by: M.G. srikumar and K.S. Chitra

              *           .   
aro: sa ri ga ma pa da ni sa
ava: sa ni da pa ma ga ri sa

               *   *           *         *     *-------   
pa da ni da pa ma  ma pa da pa ma ga  ga ma pa ma ga ri ga
thaliraninjoru     kilimarathile      kanimalare vaa

ni ri ga   ni ri ga ri ga
pooakalm.. pookalam.. ..

               *               *         *     *-------   
pa da ni da pa ma  ma pa da pa ma ga  ga ma pa ma ga ri ga
veyiludickunna     vazhiyarukathu     thanaloruckan vaa..	

                 *     *
ni ri ga   ni ri ma pa ma ga
alolam     alolam.....

             .  .                      .  .
ga ni da ni  ri ri da ni  ga ni da ni  ri ri da ni  
oru thari    kunkumavum   kunu mani    chandanavum

       . .                                     *
ni ni ga ri ni  da da  ni da pa    pa pa da pa ma   ga 
ponathalathile  pon    nanyangalum poomalyangalum   tha..

                 *     *
ni ri ga   ni ri ma pa ma ga
thannanam  thannanam...

music notes/ notations for this song is also attached here. You may freely download it.


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