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    guitar tabs or chords for song tera sath hai kitana pyara

    Guitar chords or tabs for song tera sath hai kitana pyara tera sath hai kitana pyara dm tera sath hai kitana pyara -2 dm kam lagta hai jeevan saara gm gm tere milan ki lagan mein f c hamein aana padega duniya mein dubaara -2 dm c dm maine tan...
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    Guitar tabs for song Zara Zara

    Language film came in : Hindi Song : Zara Zara singer : BOMBAY JAYASHREE Movie : REHNA HAI TERE DIL MEIN Defaults : sa ri2 ga2 ma1 pa da1 ni2 Scale used /Key : Cm Flute Piece Cm Gm G# A# Cm Gm G#...
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    Ente Khalbile - Classmates - vocal melody tabs

    Chords for song ente khalbile Song : Ente Khalbile Movie: Classmates MD: Alex Paul Code: e------------------------------------------------------------------------ B---55--7-8-78-78...----------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Chords for Phir Dekhiye - Rock On

    the guitar chords in G position with 4th fret capo (hence G=B) intro riff: G x 4 Verse 1: Aankho mein jiske Am7 Koi to khawwab hai G Khush hai wohi jo Am7 Thoda betaab hai G Zindagi mein koi...
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    Tu Hi Re guitar chords and tabs

    Keyboard chords or guitar chords for the song Tu Hi Re - Bombay - A. R. Rahman The first G chord is on the "RE" of "TU HI RE" [/ G / G / D / D /] - (2) [/ G / D / G / D /] - (2) / D . D7 / G / C / D / MUSIC #1 / Bm / Bdim / Bm / Bdim / / D / . / . / Gm / / G . F# / G / G . F# / G / / Bm ...
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    Chords for Masakkali

    Chords for Masakkali Masakkali - 4/4 - Cm Movie: Delhi 6 Composer: A R Rahman Laolai Fm7 .. Gm .. Fm7(add9).. Bb-add9 rythm | - | - | - | Accordion | Fm | Fm11/Eb | Dm7-5 | G4(7) | | Cm G4(7)/D | EbM7 Fm6 | G4 | G7 | - | --------------------...
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    Chords for Noor E Khuda - My Name is Khan

    Here is the Chords for Noor E Khuda - My Name is Khan Noor e khuda - D - 4/4 Movie: My name is khan Composer: SEL Noor e khudaaa ... D5 Guitar | D .(Em.%)| D | x2 (Em only EP plays, not guitar) Ajnabe mod hai | G | D | G | D | Har nazar pe | A | G | D...
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    guitar chords for Raina Beeti Jaye

    Here is guitar chords for Raina Beeti Jaye raina beeti jaye F#m --------C#7 sham na aaye C#7------D9 Nindiya na aye F#--------B Nindia na aayeeeeee F#--------B---------C#7 verse: F# B C# F# F# B C# F# F#7 F#7 B G# C# F# Nindiya na aye F#--------B...
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    Thumbi vaa guitar chords and tabs

    Thumbi Va - C#m - 2/4 Movie: Olangal Composer: Ilayaraja Thumbi vaa guitar chords or guitar tabs for song thumbi vaa Intro | C#m. G#. C#m..A|. F#m.. G#...| C#m. G#. C#m...A|. G#.. C#m...| x2 | C#7. C#7. F#m..F#m|. A.. G#...| C#7. C#7. F#m..F#m|. D#7.. G#...| x2 ---------------...

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