bombay ravi

  1. Chandran

    Aa Rathri Manju Poyi (Panchagni)

    Dear Friends Please try and revert back. Music notes for the song Aa Rathi Manju Poyi from the movie (film) Panchagni Movie : Panchagni Year : 1986 Lyrics : O.N.V.Kurup Music : Bombay Ravi Singer : K.S.Chitra Raga : Sudha Dhanyasi Scale : F# Minor Aa F#F#F#F#E...
  2. Jimsweb

    Chandanalepa sugandham choodiyathaaro notations

    Title : Chandanalepa Sugandham (Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha) Music : Bombay Ravi Lyricist : K Jayakumar Singer : K J Yesudas Raga Sudhadyanasi s g2 m p n2 S / C Eb F G Bb C music notes or keyboard notes for the song - Chandanalepa sugandham choodiyathaaro Chandanalepa...
  3. Chandran

    Kannadi Aadhyamayen (Sargam)

    music notations for song - Kannaadi Aadhyamaayen Movie : Sargam Year : 1992 Lyrics : Yasuf Ali Kecheri Music : Bombay Ravi Singer : K.S.Chitra Raga : Kalyani Kannaadi Aadhyamaayen D#GA A#C+AA# GF Bhahya Roopam Swanthamaakki D#F DD#G A#GFD# Gaayakaa Nin Swaramen GAA# D+...
  4. V

    kannadi adyamayen from sargam

    hi please can somebody post kannadi adhyamen notations?
  5. 12f

    Aareyum Bhaava Gaayakanaakkum song notes

    Areyum bhava gayakanakkum Lyrics & Chords - carnatic notations Movie : Nakhakshathangal Lyrics: ONV Kurup Music: Bombay Ravi Sung by: Yesudas Cover version : N.Gopinath ആരെയും ഭാവഗായകനാക്കും ആത്മ സൗന്ദര്യമാണു നീ നമ്ര ശീര്*ഷരായ് നില്*പ്പൂ നിന്* മുന്നില്* കമ്ര നക്ഷത്ര കന്യകള്* ആരെയും...

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