suththi suththi vandeega music notes


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Sep 21, 2009
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Music notes or keyboard notes for the song suththi suththi vandeega

song: suththi suththi
film: padaiyappa

suththi suththi vandeega
a.  a.  c   c   d  d  edc

suttu viralaal sutteeha
a. a. c c c    d  d  edc

ayyo en naanam     aththupoga
c d  g  g  ag fede c  c  edd

kannaal yedhaiyo paartheeha
a. a.   c c   c  d   d   edc

kaaya pazhama ketteeha
a. a. c c  c  d  d  edc

ennoda   iththu poha
c dgg  fgag fede c  c   edd

pompala usuru  poaga poaga noaga
e  e e  eg d#e e  e  f  f  gf edc

aambala kodukkum anbu tholla vaazhga
e  e e  e g d#e  c ca a   a  gacbag

ada kaadhal thaerdhalil kattil sinnaththil
cc  bc b    ab   a  g   b  a   ga g   f

vetri petra nee vaazhga
a  g  f  f  ef  ag  fedc

stanza :
en kaadthu kadikkum kaadthu kadikkum pallukku
cg g   g   g g  g   g   g   g g  g   g  g  a

kaayam kodukum kaayam kodukum valavikku
f# f#  f#f#f#  f# f#  f#f#f#  f#f#f# g

maarbu midhikkum maarbu midhikkum kaalukku
f   f  f f   f   f   f  f f   f   f  f  g

muththam tharuvaen
e   ed   e  g dedc

en usura kodikkum usura kodikkum udhadukku
cg g  g  g g  g   g  g  g g  g   gg  g  a

manasai kedukkum manasai kedukkum kannukku
f#f#f#  f#f# f#  f#f#f#  f#f# f#  f# f# g

kannam keerum kannam keerum nagaththukku
f  f   f  f   f  f   f  f   f f   f   g

muththam tharuvaen
e   ed   e  ag edc

ada thummum pozhudhillum immi alavilum piriyaadheeha
cg  g   g   a f# f#  g   g g  aff#g   f#g abc ba g

omma thaevai theerdhadhum poarvai porthiyae orangaadheeha
c g  g   g   a    f# f#   g   g   a  f# g   f#g aba   fe

inikann thoogalaam kaiga thoogaathu
ff fga  a   a ac   ef a  g   g  g

oru thaalikku munnaale thaalattu vaikaatheeha
ee  e   f  e  e  f  e  e   f  a  g  g  g   edc

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