piano notes for song Hosanna - yen idhayam


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Sep 21, 2009
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Song : Hosanna
Movie : Vinnai thaandi varuvaayaa
Scale : C

music notes or piano or keyboard notes for song hosanna (yen idhayam udaithaai) from movie Vinnai thaandi varuvaayaa directed by gautam menon

g f#a gg ef# g   c c d e e f#
yen idhayam udaithaai norungavey

g d#a ba gg a b c c cb a gg
en maruidhayam tharuven nee udaikave

d e  c a ga c a ga c f f g
ho .. hosanna hosanna

d e  c a ga c a ga c dc b a g
ho .. hosanna hosanna ..

c g g g g e e d d e c d e e g                 g e e d d e g g
andha neram andhi neram kanpaarthu kanhdalagi ponaneram edho aache

g g g g e e d c d e c d e e g                  g e e e g c c e g c
oh vaanam thendi vanhdachu appavin thittuellam kaatrodu poye poche

c d d c d   ed d c d e e e c  d d c d ed c c
en vaasal thandi ponaale verondrum seiyamale

e e e e c c e e e e c c
nan aadi pogriren sookunoorakiren

ee e d e d e d e d e d e d e g
aval pona pinbu endhan nejai thedipogiren
ho ..sanna ..
vazhvukum pakkam vandhen ho saana..
savumkum pakkam nindren ho saana

vanna vanna pattu pochi poothedi poothedi
angum ingum alaihindradhey
oh sottu sottai thottu poga
vagam ondru ondruengngo nagarkindrathey
hosaana - pattu poochi vandhacha
hosaana - megam unnai thottacha
kilinjal aagirai nan kulandhai agiren
nan unnai alli vaithu pothi kolkiren

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