Neelavaana cholayil notes


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Sep 21, 2009
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Music notes or notations for song Neelavaana cholayil

Musician Gangai Amaran
Lyricist(s) Poovachal Khader
Singer(s) KJ Yesudas
Raga(s) Used Aabheri

Um ..ahaha... ha.....
Neelavaana cholayil
s+ds+r+r+s+ ppmppg

Neenthidunna chandrike
gmgrs-ds rggr

Njan rachicha kavithakal
rgrggr ggpmm

Ninte mizhiyil kandu njaan
ggrggr ggpmm

Varaathe vanna en dhevee
mppdd s+s+r+

Kaalidhaasan paadiya megha dhoothame
r+r+s+s+ddm ds+dppnn r+s+s+r+n

Devi dhaasanaakumen raaga geethame
r+r+s+s+ddm ds+dppnn r+s+s+r+n

Chodikalil thenkanam enthidum penkkili (2)
s+s+s+s+s+s+dp ddd s+s+s+s+s+s+dp nnn

Neeyillenkil njanekanaay
dr+r+pdp dds+s+dpm
Enthe ee mounam maathram
mppp mmp ggr

Njaanum neeyum naaleyaa maala chaarthidaam
Vaanum bhoovum onnaay vaazhthi ninnidaam
Mizhikalil kopamo virahamo dhaahamo (2)
Sreedeviye en jeevane
Engo nee avide njaanum

Core note courtesy - chandranji

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