Movie: Midhunam Song:Allimalar kaavil


Mar 12, 2010
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Music: M G Radhkrishnan
Lyrics: ONV Kurup
Singer: M G Sreekumar
Raga: Kanada: C D G Eb F A Bb
C+ Bb G F Eb F D C

Allimalar kaavil pooram kaanaan
C   D  C  D    D DG EbF F  D  C
Annu nammal poyi raavil nilaavil
C    D   C  D D  DG EbF F  D   C
Dhooreyoraalmara chottilirunnu
F  A   A   A  A  F A Bb G  G F
Maarivilgopura  maalikatheerthu
F  A   A  A  A  F A Bb G  G  F
Athil naamonnaay aadi paadee 
F  A  C+  C+ C+  EbF  D    C

[U][B]CHARANAM 1[/B][/U]
Orupon maanine thedi naam paanju
BbBbBb BbBb Bb C+ Bb G    A  A A
Kaathara mohangal kanneeril  maanju
Bb Bb Bb Bb Bb Bb C+ Bb G    A  A A
Mazhavillin mani meda oru kaatil veenu
A Bb D+  C+ BbA C+ Bb A G Bb  A  G   A
Mannile kali  veedum maanjuvo
A  A  A A  C+ A   C+ A...G F
Innathum madhuramorormayaay 
Bb Bb Bb Bb Eb+ D+ Eb+ D+ C+
Marubhoovilundo madhumaasa theertham
A C+ Eb+ D+C+Bb F A Bb  A  G F Eb D C

[U][B]CHARANAM 2[/B][/U]
Veruthe sooryane dhyaanikkumetho
Paathiraa poovinte nombaram pole
Oru kaatilaliyunna hrudhayaardhra geetham
Pinneyum chirikkunnu poovukal
Mannilee vasanthathin dhoothikal (pinneyum)
Rithushobhayaake oru kunju poovil (allimalar)


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