ya ali

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    Guitar tabs for song ya ali

    Language used : Hindi movie Song : ya Ali Movie : Gangster arohana : s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 song Scale or Key: Cm Pallavi yaa ali reham aa.li...... Cm Fm yaa aa.li yaaar pe.. qurbanu hai sabi A# Gsus4 G yaa ali madad...
  2. C

    Ya Ali from Gangster

    Song : Ya Ali Movie : Gangster Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details) Scale/Key: Cm Pallavi ------- Ya ali reham a.li...... p dnS S S n SRS nSndpm Cm Fm Ya a.li yaar pe.. qurbaan hai sabhi nd dppm n S ndnp...

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