1. K

    Violin western notes for Snehidhane song

    Can anyone share the Violin western notes for Snehidhane song
  2. J

    Ethra pookkalamini...

    Can somebody please post the violin notes for the song ethra pookkalamini from the movie rakkuyililn raagasadasil (1986)

    Hello Violin Bit From Telugu Film Hello, Music Notes

    Music Or Keyboard Notes For The Beautiful Violin Bit From Telugu Film Hello Song: Violin Bit Film: Hello Music:Anup Rubens Director:Vikram K Kumar Singer(s):Instrumental Actors:Akhil Akkineni, Kalyani Priyadarshan Language:Telugu Year:2017 Starting Violin Bit Of This Video Note: Octave from...


    TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR Twinkle Twinkle Little Star s s p p d d p How I wonder what you are m m g g r r s Up above the world so high p pm m g g r Like a diamond in the sky p p m m g g r Twinkle Twinkle Little Star s s p p d d p How I wonder what you are m m g...
  5. Violacello

    Violin score, music sheet for >>Omanathinkal kidavo<<

    Help, dear kind members ! ..I'm in need of violin/contrabass score sheet for "omanathinkal kidavo".. and "mizhiyoram.." (manjilvirinja pookal) : Thanks )

    All India Radio Morning Signature Violin Tune keyboard music notes

    All India Radio Morning Signature Tune Raaga : Shivaranjani Composer: Walter Kaufmann (Some Say Thakur Balwant Singh) Date: 1936 Instrument: Violin [ A G# A _ G# F# D# _ G# F# D# C# D# F# D# C# ] Repeat
  7. J

    Violin sheet music of Theruvukal nee ( Njan steve lopez )

    Hi friends, can anybody convert this code into sheet music for violin? Scale : F Major Theruvukal Nee… Njan Vegamaay AA#C+D+ C+ A#A GFFG Alakadal Nee… Njan Thoniyaay.. AA#C+D+ C+D+C+D+C+ A#A GGFAAG Aaromale.. Akashame… EFGGA GAA#A#D+ Alayunnu Njan… D+C+C+D+ D+D+E+ Nee…...
  8. D

    Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma- Notation

    Requesting violin notes for Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma.. Also if anybody could tell the tuning of the strings in carnatic style.. I mean in western we tune the strings in EADG. So similarly in carnatic how is it tuned.. Thank you..
  9. amrthraj

    Kanikanum neram keyboard notations

    Piano or keyboard music notes or notations for the age old devotional song Kanikanu neram.. Kani kanum neram ga ga gaa paa pa pa Kamala nethrante ga ga gaa paa pa pa Niramezhum varnna thukil charthi ga ga gaa dha gaari sa sa rigari

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