vaaranam aayiram

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    adiye kolludhe music notes

    Music notes for the song adiye kolludhe song : adiye kolludhe movie : vaaranam aayiram pallavi adiye kolludhe azhago alludhe ulagham surungudhe iruvaril adangudhe sg1g1s g1 g1n1~s sg1 g1s g1g1n1~s sg1g1 s g1g1 g1n1~s sg1g1s g1g1g1n1~s unnodu nadakkum ovvoru nodikkum arthangal...
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    mundhinam paarthene notations

    music notes for the song mundhinam paarthene language : tamil song : mundhinam paarthene movie : vaaranam aayiram pallavi mundhinam paarthene paarthadum thotrene n2 p n2 n2~s s s n2 p n2 n2~s s s salladai kannaagha, nenjamum punnanathe p p p~s n1 n1 n1 d2 p m1 m1~pd2...
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    Mundhinam partene-Vaaranam Aayiram-music notes

    song:Mundhinam partene - film: Vaaranam Aayiram directed by- Gautham Menon Hero-Surya Composed by : Harris...

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