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  1. Akhil a binu

    Piano compose by akhil

    Click here to watch my piano compose..
  2. G

    snegidhanae snegi.................

    Music notes or keyboard or piano notes for song snegidhane snegidhanae Pallavi snegidhanae snegidhanae p p d d S p p d RS ragasiya snegidhanae aaee p d p m g r g d p mgmg chinnachinnadhai kOrikkaigaL p p p d d S p p d RSRS sevikodu snegidhanae p ndp m g rg d p idhey...
  3. Jimsweb

    haira - Jeans

    Song: haira Film: Jeans Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S haira hairaa hairabbaa (2) g g mp p p dp mp g g mp p pn dp mp FIFTY kaeji thaaj mahaal enakkae enakkaa g g g gm m r g rs sn. sg gm gmr FLIGHTil vandha nandhavanam enakkae enakkaa sg g g gm mr r g rs sn...
  4. Jimsweb

    girl friend - Boys

    Song: girl friend Film: Boys Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S paalpoalae padhinaaRil enakkoru girlfriend vaeNum mp p mpdpmg m m m gmpmg sg g g gm mp gm g indru pudhidhaaga avizhndha malar poala enakkoru girlfriend vaeNum mp p p p dp mg mm m m m pm gs sg g g gm...
  5. Jimsweb

    ennavalae - Kaadhalan

    Song: ennavalae Film: Kaadhalan Notes: s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 S ennavalae adi ennavalae pSS n np pp mpp pSmg endhan idhayaththai tholaiththu vittaen g g ss g m p p mg m p endha idam adhu tholaindha idam pSS nnp pp m p p pmg andha idaththaiyum marandhu...
  6. J

    AR Rahman hits - music notations piano and keyboard

    This thread is to post piano, guitar or keyboard notes for A.R. Rahman hit songs :)

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