salil choudary

  1. Soumen

    Request for western notation of Raakkuyile urangu.

    Here i request for western notes of a malayalam song Raakkuyile urangu. Film: Ee fanam marakkumo Music director: Salil Chowdhury Link of this song is given below...
  2. Soumen

    Aye bristi jhepe western music notation

    Aye bristi jhepe Singer: Geetasree Sandhya Mukherjee Music Director: Salil Chowdhury This song has a tamil version named Sevvali pule from film "Dooratthu idi muzhakkam" Aye bristi jhepe F EF# EB Dhan debo mepe FE EF# EB Aye rimjhim barosharo E FG AAA#A Gagone re EFG AA#C Kathfata roder...
  3. Soumen

    Western piano music notation if song Na jane kyun

    Na jane kyun Music director: Salil Chowdhury Film: Choti si baat Scale: G Major. Na jane kyun hora hai ye jindagi ke sath D BA B ABC BAG A GEDC EDC Achanak ye maan kisi ke jane ke baad CC DC B A F#AF# EF#F#E A karefir uski yaad choti choti si baat F#AF#E F#E A DD DG GG DE na jane kyun D B AG...
  4. Soumen

    Western piano music notation for song Janeman janeman

    Janeman janeman tere do nayan DDD BBB GG EDCB chori chori leke gaye dekho mera maan ACCC DBBB F#F# EDCB Janeman janeman janeman ADD GDD BDD Mere do nayan chor nahi sajan DD B BB GG EDCB tumse hi khoya hoga kahi tumhara maan ACCC DBBB GG EDCB janeman janeman janeman ADD GDD BDD Tod de dilo...
  5. Chandran

    Kadaru Masam Nadaru Masam (Ezhu Rathrikal)

    Dear Friends Please try and revert back. Music notes for the song Kadaru Masam Nadaru Masam from the Movie (film) Ezhu Rathrikal Movie : Ezhu Rathrikal Year : 1968 Lyrics : Vayalar Music : Salil Chowdhary Singer : K.J.Yesudas Scale : C Maj Kadaru Masam Nadaru Masam CEG...
  6. Chandran

    Manasa Maine Varoo (Chemmeen)

    music notations for song - Maanasa Maine Varoo Move : Chemmeen Year : 1966 Lyrics : Vayalar Music : Salil Choudhary Singer : Mannadey Raga : Karaharapriya Maanasa Maine Varoo D#DC CD -G-A# Madhuram Nulli Tharoo CDD#DC CD -A-A# Nin Aruma Poo Vaadiyil Nee C CD#F C+ A#AA...
  7. A

    manasa maine varoo

    can any one post notations for songs from movie chammen especially the iconi song manasa maine varoo...

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