1. Chandran

    Pathi Mey Maranjathenthe (Pavam Pavam Rajakumaran)

    Dear Friends Please try and revert back. Music notes for the song Pathi Mey Maranjathenthe from the Movie (Film) Pavam Pavam Rajakumaran Movie : Pavam Pavam Rajakumaran Year : 1990 Lyrics : Kaithapram Music : Johnson Master Singer : K.J.Yesudas Raga : Kalyani Scale : Gb...
  2. Chandran

    Poovadikalil Alayum Katte (Vyamoham) music notes

    Dear Friends Please try and revert back. Music notes for the song Poovadikalil Alayum Katte from the Movie (Film) Vyamoham Movie : Vyamoham Year : 1978 Lyrics : Dr. Pavithran Music : Ilayaraja Singer : S.Janaki Raga : Kalyani Scale : G Minor Um Aha Ahaha Poo...
  3. Chandran

    Deva Sabhathalam (His Highness Abdullah)

    Dear Friends Please try and revert back. Movie : His Highness Abdullah Year : 1990 Musician : Raveendran Lyricist(s) : Kaithapram Singer(s) : KJ Yesudas,Raveendran,Sharath Raga(s) Used : Raagamalika (Hindolam, Thodi, Panthuvarali, Abhogi, Mohanam, Sankarabharanam...
  4. Chandran

    Nadha Brahmathin (Kattu Kurangu)

    Dear Friends Please try and revert back. Music notes for the song Nadhabrahmathin from the movie Kattu Kurangu Movie : Kattu Kurangu Year : 1969 Lyrics : P.Bhaskaran Music : G.Devarajan Singer : K.J.Yesudas Raga : Kalyani,Suddha Dhanyasi, Bhahudhari, Kaanada, Sinhendra Madhyamam)...
  5. Chandran

    Swapna Malini (Devadas)

    music notations for song - Swapnamalini Theerathundoru Movie : Devadas Year : 1989 Lyrics : P.Bhaskaran Music : K.Raghavan Singer : K.J.Yesudas & Arundadi Ragam : Kalyani Swapnamalini Theerathundoru CE EEDC CEEEDC Kochu Kalyana Mandapam EG FFDEEC CCCD Sundara Prema Nadhanam...
  6. Jimsweb

    Some carnatic ragas

    Raga : Abhogi Here are the details about Raga Abhogi Mela: Kharaharapriya - 22 Other names: Arohana:S R2 G1 M1 D2 S || S Ri Gi Ma Dhi S Avarohana: S D2 M1 G1 R2 S || S Dhi Ma Gi Ri S Jeeva Swaras: G , D Special Considerations: Enhanced by Janti Swaras Sancharas: GMDS SDRSDMD_...
  7. J


    Hi.....:) any one knows notation for swpnamalini theerathundoru from the movie Devadas(malayalam movie)
  8. Jimsweb

    Some carnatic Raagas

    Mohanam S R2 G3 P D2 S | S D2 P G3 R2 S carnatic krithi : Mohana Rama Jog (Jog is a hindustani raga equivalent to Nattai in Carnatic Music) Natta S R3 G3 M1 P D3 N3 S | S N3 P M1 R3 S carnatic krithi : Maha Ganapathim, Swami nada paripalaya Madhyamavathi S R2 M1 P N2 S | S N2 P M1...

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