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    kollaiyilae thennai vaithu music notes

    Music notes or keyboard notes for the song kollaiyilae thennai vaithu song: kollaiyilae film: kaadhalan kollaiyilae thennai vaithu c ed e fe c ed e fe kuruthoalai petti senju e d ef e d e d d seeni poattu nee thinga g. a. c d d# d d chellamaai pirandhavaloa..... g. a.cde...
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    kaadhalikkum pennin music notes

    Music notes or keyboard notes for song kaadhalikkum pennin song: kaadhalikkum film: kaadhalan kaadhalikkum pennin kaigal thottu neettinaal g g f d# g g f d# g g f d# fg chinna thagaram kooda thangam thaanae c d d# d# d# d# f d d d ca# kaadhalikkum pennin vanna...
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    indhiraiyoa ival sundariyoa music notes

    Music notations or keyboard notes for the song indhiraiyoa ival sundariyoa song: indhiraiyoa film: kaadhalan indhiraiyoa ival sundariyoa gcc b bg gg fg g gcfe deiva rambaiya mohiniyoa e e c e f g fef g manam mundhiyadhoa vizhi mundhiyadhoa c c ed c c c g g cb g g g karam...
  4. Jimsweb

    Mukkaala - Kaadhalan

    Song: Mukkaala Film: Kaadhalan Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p n2 S Lyrics incomplete Mukkaala... S SR GRGR S SR GRGR SS n SS SSR GRGR SSR GRGR SS SRSn SS Jurassic... S S M M M M M GMPM MM GRS S GG GG RS RSn (2) nS SS nSSn nS SS nSSS SGS SGSn SGS SGSn (2) SSG G GG GMPMM GRSS
  5. Jimsweb

    ennavalae - Kaadhalan

    Song: ennavalae Film: Kaadhalan Notes: s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 S ennavalae adi ennavalae pSS n np pp mpp pSmg endhan idhayaththai tholaiththu vittaen g g ss g m p p mg m p endha idam adhu tholaindha idam pSS nnp pp m p p pmg andha idaththaiyum marandhu...

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