1. Jimsweb

    vaaraayoa thoazhi music notes

    Music notes or keyboard notes for song vaaraayoa thoazhi song: vaaraayoa film: jeans vaaraayoa thoazhi vaaraay en thoazhi vaa vandhu loottiyadi g a c de e de de d cb a ad d e cb a g c vaaraevaa thoazhi vayasaana thoazhi vaay vittuch cheettiyadi g a c de e d e de d...
  2. Jimsweb

    poovukkul olindhirukkum music notes

    Music notes or keyboard notes for song poovukkul olindhirukkum song: poovukkul film: jeans poovukkul olindhirukkum kanikkoottam adhisayam de e ed dd d ed cb. b.b. cd c cc c a.g. vannaththup poochchigalinmael oaviyangal adhisayam de e ed d d d ed cb. b.c d c cc c a.g...
  3. Jimsweb

    kolambas kolambas music notes

    Music notes or keyboard notes for song kolambas kolambas song: kolambas film: jeans kolambas kolambas vittaachchu leevu d# fg g d# fg g f g f d#g f kondaadak kandupidichchuk kondaa oru theevu d# d# d# d# d# d# d# f d d dc a#.d c leevu leevu leevu vaendum pudhiya...
  4. Jimsweb

    anbae anbae kollaadhae kannae music notes

    Music notes or keyboard notations for song anbae anbae kollaadhae kannae song: anbae film: jeans anbae anbae kollaadhae kannae kannaik killaadhae d# fg d# fg d# fd# dc d# fg d# fg d# fd# dc pennae punnagaiyil idhayaththai vedikkaa...dhae a#. cd# d# f g f d#d c a#. c d cd...
  5. hellflyer

    kannodu [jeans]

    keyboard notes for song kannodu kanbathelam violin notes for song kannod kanbathelam piano notes for song kannodu kanbathelam Song: kannoadu Film: Jeans Music: Deva Lyricist:kalai kumar,Thamari jeevan & Vaali Year of relaese:1998 kannoadu kaanbadhellaam thalaivaa kangalukkuch...
  6. Jimsweb

    haira - Jeans

    Song: haira Film: Jeans Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S haira hairaa hairabbaa (2) g g mp p p dp mp g g mp p pn dp mp FIFTY kaeji thaaj mahaal enakkae enakkaa g g g gm m r g rs sn. sg gm gmr FLIGHTil vandha nandhavanam enakkae enakkaa sg g g gm mr r g rs sn...

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