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    Game of Thrones - Carnatic / Hindustani Flute notations

    Hi all, I would like to convert Game of Thrones western notations given in the following links to carnatic / Hindustani flute notations(s, r, g ...). Can some one help me to convert this western notes?. What is the best way to convert western notes to Indian notes...
  2. Jimsweb

    An Introduction to Hindustani music (part 2)

    Modern era In the 20th century, the power of the maharajahs and nawabs declined, and so did their patronage. With the expulsion of Wajid Ali Shah to Calcutta after 1857, the Lucknavi musical tradition came to influence the music of renaissance Bengal, giving rise to the tradition of Ragpradhan...
  3. Jimsweb

    An Introduction to Hindustani music (part 1)

    Hindustani Classical Music (Hindi: हिन्दुस्तानी शास्त्रीय संगीत, Urdu: ہندوستانی شاستریہ سنگیت) is the Hindustani or erstwhile North Indian style of Indian classical music. Originating in the Vedic period, it is a tradition that has been evolving from the 12th century AD, in what is now northern...

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