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    G venugopal Blog : Hrudayavenu.blogspot.com

    Hi I found this blog very interesting (G Venugopal Blog). I hv never seen this kind of a blog with any other singer in kerala. http://hrudayavenu.blogspot.in/ This is the post which i liked most in this G Venugopal Blog Vazhikkannu veruthe mohichu.. (G Venugopal) - YouTube Regards, Sangeetha
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    G Venugopal: Vazhikkannu (Vazhikannu) veruthe mohichuu

    Hii All... I am a music teacher by profession. Its my hobby to find interesting rare songs from net. Recently I found one interesting song from one blog. G Venugopal the blog of famous singer G Venugopal. There are several songs given, out of them I liked on recent post...

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