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    Which Flute should I buy?

    I am a beginner and I would like to buy a flute. However, I am confused which is the best flute to start with. Should I go for C Scale or G Scale flutes? Thank you!
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    Kaadhale Kaadhale - 96

    Hi All, Please share the Carnatic notes for the song Kaadhale Kaadhale from the movie 96. Thanks and Regards Anand Raj
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    Game of Thrones - Carnatic / Hindustani Flute notations

    Hi all, I would like to convert Game of Thrones western notations given in the following links to carnatic / Hindustani flute notations(s, r, g ...). Can some one help me to convert this western notes?. What is the best way to convert western notes to Indian notes...
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    Thaniye Mizhikal - Flute note

    Please post the flute notes of the song Thaniye Mizhikal from the movie Guppy Thanks and Regards Anand
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    Requesting flute notes of "Unnale ennalum" from movie ' Theri '

    Hi guys, I have been studying flute for about 2 yrs and I was starting to try out some film songs but couldn't find notes for some.So now I am trying to play "Unnale ennalum en Jeevan vazhuthey" song from movie theri.So please provide me it's flute notes in San Re Ga Ma form.
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    Pranasakhi njan verumoru.....flute notes (sa ri ga ma type)

    Hi friends, I am Rajeev. My son is learning flute. He is trying to play Malayalam songs on flute. Anyone has Malayalam film song "Pranasakhi njan verumoru pamaranam pattukaran" notes in sa ri ga ma style? Response is much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Kadaniyum Kalchilambe - Pulimurugan piano music notes

    Hi All, Could anyone upload the "Carnatic" notations of the song " Kadaniyum Kalchilambe" from the movie Pulimurugan? Thanks in advance

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