en swasa kaatrae

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    thirakkaadha kaattukkullae music notes

    Music notes or piano notes for the song thirakkaadha kaattukkullae song: thirakkaadha film: en swasa kaatrae thirakkaadha kaattukkullae pirakkaadha pillaigal poalae aa....noam c d d df c c c c c d d df c c c c c cbabc cbg parandhoadum maanaip poalath thoalaindhoadip...
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    theendaay mey theendaay music notations

    Music notes or keyboard notes for song theendaay mey theendaay song: theendaay film: en swasa kaatrae theendaay mey theendaay c dd#dd#d c cd fdf thaandaay padi thaandaay cd d#dd#dd# c a. cd fdf oru viral vandhu ennaith theendiyadhae dd d f g gf gaa#g fd#d gfd#dfdfd...
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    thaththiyaadudhae thaaviyaadudhae notations

    Music notes fr song thaththiyaadudhae thaaviyaadudhae Song: Chillallavaa Film: En swasa kaatrae thaththiyaadudhae thaaviyaadudhae... c c c c c c c c c c oru thattaarap poochchi inRu cd e ge d c b. c b. chillallavaa chillallavaa kaadhal nayaagaraa c g# fg d# f d d# d...
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    jumbalakkaa jumbalakkaa jumbala music notes

    Msuic notes or keyboard notes for song jumbalakkaa jumbalakkaa jumbala Song: jumbalakkaa Film: En swasa kaatrae jumbalakkaa jumbalakkaa jumbala jumbaalae c d e e e e e e e f e d c d jumbalakkaa jumbalakkaa jumbala jumbaalae b. c d d d d d d d e d c b. c jumbaalae...
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    theeNdaay - En swasa kaatrae

    Song: theeNdaay Film: En swasa kaatrae Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d2 n2 S theeNdaay mey theeNdaay s rgrgr s sr mrm thaaNdaay padi thaaNdaay sr grgrg s d. sr mrm oru viral vandhu ennaith theeNdiyadhae rr r m p pm pdnp mgr pmgrmrmr en naramboadu veeNai...

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